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Leading-edge technology that is easy to use

Google Maps Look&Feel This is especially popular among users with no special training who do not find a classical GIS particularly attractive. Many people are already familiar with the Google Maps interface from consumer applications, so that shouldn’t intimidate anyone nowadays.
Easy to use The intuitive user guidance makes sure of that. And that new users feel comfortable with the software in no time at all.
Powerful zoom properties For example, the user can – via aerial photographs – zoom “from above” into the interior of a building and read its properties.
A pure web application All that’s needed is an Internet connection on the client for g.on aimPort to be ready for use anywhere.
The use of Oracle databases Due to their leading market position, Oracle products guarantee a high degree of investment security.
No need for special client software This keeps license costs low and helps save money.
Integrated user management This is an absolute MUST, especially if you are working within a heterogeneous company structure. Users and groups along with their roles and rights can be administered online and provide a clear overview.
Full integration into your company’s IT Who would want an isolated application? This is excluded by the use of standards like Oracle DB 10/11g or SAPEVENTS.
OGC-conform g.on offers web services according to the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). This, too, reduces your costs.
Modular design g.on aimPort’s architecture enables it to make all kinds of special wishes come true and realize subsequent supplements and extensions.

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