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2010-12-20: Our new Danish customer Thvillum provides data services to over 250 water suppliers all over Denmark. From now on, g.on aimPort will help to facilitate this task.

When company founder and owner Jesper Thvillum, together with two employees, came to visit us at our booth at CeBIT 2010 in Hanover, he just planned to get some not binding information. It soon turned out, that the product is just what his company was looking for.

Thvillum captures, maintains and hosts the existing data of its more than 250 clients using its AutoCAD-based Thvillum-GIS. In the future, g.on aimPort will enable the smaller water suppliers to access its data via the Internet.

For the data migration and transformation, the Danish company bought Safe Softwares data converter FME (Feature Manipulation Software). By mid-December, two Thvillum employees attended a two-day FME crash course at our offices in Muenster. That way, they are going to accelerate the g.on aimPort take-off back home in Denmark.

To be continued…








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