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g.on aimPort Version 2.3: Plenty of new Features!

The new g.on aimPort version 2.3 not only is able to inspire our existing customers. Along the way, the new version has already gained a lot of new fans.

Have a look at the most important out of many new features:

  • Google Geocoder has been integrated.
  • The “Live“ coordinates of the mouse position can now be displayed in different coordinate systems.
  • Enhanced options when using different measuring units
  • Redlining elements can be labeled in the print preview and also printed with it.
  • The current view can be displayed in a different coordinate system.
  • Cascading drop-down lists and list boxes can be combined.
  • g.on aimPort 2.3 runs with the latest Mapviewer patch: Ver11_1_1_4_B100706.
  • Layers that are not available for certain zoom levels are greyed out.
  • Magnifier functionality available.
  • Configurable control devices for auto-complete.
  • Standard language can be individually defined.
  • Gazetteer NRW plugin implemented.
  • Enhanced and improved CSS design options.
  • Dynamic legend implemented as a prototype.
  • Fixed indices can be defined for legends, for example: A building is always displayed above a built up area, not taking into account, which topic was first entered into the map.

More information about g.on aimPort: more

Download in.shape 2-2015 in English

Download in.shape 1-2015 in English