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New: g.on aimPort_DataPipe

2011-01-28: For g.on aimPort customers, the new year takes off by presenting an attractive new module. g.on aimPort_DataPipe makes work even more easy by facilitating the navigation within the geoportal. Now, g.on aimPort users always have at hand the right data at the right place.

g.on aimPort_DataPipe is a supplementary module, consisting of a desktop component (.NET application) and a webservice. The latter will be installed on the server and the configuration for services and metadata provided centrally.

g.on aimPort_DataPipe (lite) – for first-time users

• The module facilitates the use of external Web Mapping Services (WMS) with GIS and CAD clients (currently GeoMedia and Microstation). The WMS are centrally configured by the administrator. That way, also copyright and use of the data and services are now centrally arranged functions.

• With g.on aimPort_DataPipe, users are able to synchronize the aimPort map window and the respective desktop client. This allows them to navigate with g.on aimPort with the usual convenience – also within very large datasets. The spatial context as well as the zoom level of the navigation results is directly transferred to the GIS or CAD system, respectively.
The same applies the other way round: No problem to transfer the map section from Microstation or GeoMedia into the g.on aimPort GIS module.

• You would like to add a spatial reference to objects via Google Maps? Let’s do it: Simply enter the address and navigate to the desired location – in the GIS or CAD system. As a user, you need to purchase a Google Maps license.

g.on aimPort_DataPipe – full version

Compared to the lite version, the full version offers the following additional functions:

• The user communicates with the connected, company-owned metadatabase. This way, he intuitively finds the right raster datasets for the area he currently works in and can load them right away.

• Selected Web Mapping Services (WMS) are automatically loaded on demand, as soon as the map section is altered via zoom or pan. Result: Information is provided continuously.

• Web Mapping Services that are provided within the company-owned geodata infrastructure can be used without restriction. This function continuously replicates the current map window of the GIS or CAD system with the internal Web Mapping Services. As a result, only the actually available data and services for the respective area are offered by the system.

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