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BASF Geoportal now online

2011-05-17: Not a small project. We are happy to announce that on April 18, 2011, g.on aimPort also went life at BASF. It is the basis of their geoportal Wegas Web (Werksgelände-Auskunft-System) for several industrial sites in Germany. Among these is also the BASF Headquarters in Ludwigshafen. With some 160 chemical production plants and is the largest locally adjacent industry complex worldwide.

Those who have never seen a similar complex before, are speechless: Gigantic plants like BASF in Ludwigshafen are more than mere industrial sites. They are real cities. Cities built for a certain aim – the production of chemical substances and materials. And – same as we know in towns – you can chose among various options: Shall I take the car? Or better the bicycle? Do I want to turn out my fitness enthusiasm and walk along my way? Too far? Better choose “public” transport?
To make this decision easier, the system now provides useful functions for decision guidance. It shows you current road blockings on the premises as well as the exact course of bicycle lanes and bus routes. It even contains a link to the journey planner of VRN, the local public transport company. It offers the user comfortable information about stops and timetables. The maps can be defined individually.

WEGASweb also contains a magnifyer function. It even allows to zoom into buildings and – if necessary – to obtain information about contact persons and current alarm regulations. Google Earth clearly influenced a further zoom function, which is also especially important for development activities. Based on up-to-date aerial photographs, the user is “beamed” to a certain location on the premises. From this perspective, he can obtain an impression of the direct environment. It is a great help when planning new buildings.

Of course, WEGASweb also contains a sort of navigation system. This is how the so-called routing function works. It tells BASF employees the fastest or shortest way from point A to B and visualizes it on the screen. It also takes into consideration up-to-date construction sites and road blockings.

Another feature that makes the developers’ work even easier: A screenshot function allows the integration of image sections in presentations. And: „Google Earth“ influenced another zoom function. Based on aerial photographs that are updated biannually, the user can see the concrete spatial situation of a defined spot on the site. Very helpful when planning new buildings.

Pictures: BASF Headquarters Ludwigshafen, ® BASF