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Holcim Geoportal goes live

2011-07-26: After a two-year term of the project, the Intranet application g.on aimPort at the site Lägerdorf of Holcim (Deutschland) AG went live. Holcim is one of the Europe’s leading suppliers of building materials: Basic material to build e.g. skyscrapers or roads around the world. Holcim has sites on all continents and about 80.000 employees in 70 countries. In Lägerdorf, cement production started around 150 years ago.

Today, Holcim (Deutschland) AG is a subsidiary of the Holcim Ltd., a globally acting group of buiding materials suppliers. Holcim’s core businesses include the manufacture and distribution of cement, and the production, processing and distribution of aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand), ready-mix concrete and asphalt. The company also offers consulting, research, trading, engineering and other services.
Holcim (Deutschland) AG has sites all over northern Germany, where it is also the largest supplier of building materials. Besides the production of cement, concrete and aggregates, the company also provides services around these three products.
In 2009, Holcim (Deutschland) AG introduced g.on aimPort as an Intranet solution for the administration and retrieval of plants. These plants are primarily sites for extracting raw materials and producing cement products. G.on aimPort now facilitates documentation of the site and also the management of real estate. Holcim – besides the geographical presentation – has a focus on the retrieval of factual data. This has always been like that. Therefore, they already had other systems before, which were integrated via interfaces. Migrating the CAD data into the Oracle database by means of the migration software FME was also part of the project at Hocim. In addition, the property information system of ESN and the document information system Pro.File by PROCAD had to be integrated.
Das Geoportal works as follows: As soon as an employee accesses the cement plant Lägerdorf near Hamburg , there appears an aerial photograph on the screen, with a second layer on top: The site map of Lägerdorf. Behind each single object, there is also the option to show factual data like information about its owner, size, age or usage. Sometimes these data ar provided in documents stored in the database, but also summarized in overview tables directly in g.on aimPort – to be retrieved via a link behind the object. This additional information may also contain hints concerning security regulations or job instructions (“Where and when has to be mowed or sweeped?”). All these documents are included in the Pro.File database, which can be comfortably accessed from within g.on aimPort. All documents from the era befor the paperless office are provided as scans, the new ones are stored in different formats.

Currently, the geoportal g.on aimPort is only in use at the site in Lägerdorf, where it is primarly used by the planning department. These persons find here all necessary information before they start with their real work and thus save a lot of time. At present, the provision for other sites is under preparation.

To save time is also the goal for other departments within Holcim. For this reason, Holcim is planning the integration of further topics into the geoportal. The three most important ones are data management of measurements of the ground water level, the values of emission measurements and the capture of cable slots. The first tow topics cann then be integrated into a workflow which will then facilitate and speed up the communication with public administration.

Picture: The german Holcim plant Lägerdorf, ® Holcim AG