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g.on supports German World Food Program

2011-08-08: Of course, we at g.on are also well aware of the fact, that the most efficient way to fight the famine in East Africa would be a real political solution. This would mean to stop all the responsible rebel leaders and corrupt politicians who leech on these countries. But this is a long progress and can not be carried out within a short period. Thus, the situation bears no delay. Therefore, we opted – fortunately together with numerous others – for financial help and support the German aid organization “Welthungerhilfe” immediately to fulfil their difficult task.

Especially in Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti, some 11 million people are threatened by immediate death from starvation. And these men, women and children didn’t start suffering shortly before. To the most serious drought since 60 years, we have to add the war refugees from Somalia, who already had the hardest life without any natural desaster. Also the astronomic prices for basic food added to this inconceivable situation.
Welthungerhilfe is trying as best they can to help decrease the pain – by distributing food and water as well as special high-fat nutricion, especially for children. There are also already existing help projects in the drought areas in Kenya and Ethiopia.

We do hope that our donation will contribute just a little bit to alleviate the hardships.

Picture: Refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya, ® Welthungerhilfe