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g.on aimPort mobile: A Geoportal on the Move

2012-02-03: As every successful software, aimPort is now ready for use on mobile devices. On CeBIT 2012, g.on experience presents a prototype of g.on aimPort mobile.

It allows users to capture data onsite. This applies for a survey of damage at a traffic route, the capture of meter data or taking detail photographs for a building project. Processes are simplified, costs reduced and precise results guaranteed.

To achieve these results, we strengthened aimPort with new attributes, like

  • the optimized visualization of the functions for mobile devices.
  • Other additional qualities of the mobile version are GPS positioning and the possibility of storing photographs
  • plus their coordinates and object reference in g.on aimPort.
  • Relevant, already existing customer-specific functions (search function, map selection, damage report, routing, etc.) are identically provided in the mobile version.
  • Layout and use of aimPort mobile (zoom in/out, measuring, data queries and analyses) have been adapted to the requirements of iPad and Co.