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g.on aimPort will be the basis of a new technical documentation system at Cologne Bonn Airport

2012-09-04: Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) is not only an important passenger airport with close to 10 million passengers per year, but also one of the largest shipping airports operating 24/7. Setting up a technical information system for such a complex site is a demanding challenge for all involved parties.






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Some background information: The department AC (tdi) Center for Technical Data and Information at Cologne Bonn Airport has the task to coordinate many and diverse information threads. Therefore, the project DocuTecNextGen (DTNG) was launched. By means of g.on aimPort and by bundling all available technical data, Cologne Bonn Airport will create a superordinate webportal.

After the official kick-off meeting, we handed out the base software to our new client and also carried out first training units on-site at the airport administration.

Currently, there exist a number of separate technical applications and data bases, like e.g. SAP-PM and -REFX for maintenance, accounting of service charges and rent as well as different planning and reporting systems based on Microsoft Sharepoint and Access, which are not interconnected. DocuTecNextGen (DTNG) is going to serve as a technical portal, which connects graphical information to technical documentations and SAP data as well as a number of different reporting systems. It also interconnects these diverse applications by means of homogeneous navigation.

For this project, g.on aimPort is the most ideal solution. We have developed our software with the defined aim, to enable access to the most different information sources via a common interface. Of course, our customers’ goal is appropriately demanding: “With DTNG, combining and searching of technical data at Cologne Bonn Airport is going to be as simple as Shopping in the Internet.”

For this, the product standard of g.on aimPort provides the different modules, interfaces and functions that can be reasonably used for the respective information source. Therefore, g.on aimPort not only contains a GIS module but also a powerful Alpha tool, which supports the searching, presentation and processing of the information in the Office environment.

A central attribute of g.on aimPort is, that adaption and configuration of the data retrieval can be operated via configurations. The available interfaces support information exchange with other systems like SAP, Sharepoint und other web applications.

We will keep you posted about the project development.