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Second aimPort User Meeting

2013-01-09: We were definitely more nervous before our first User Meeting in November 2011. However, a follow-up event should be at least as successful as the premiere.

Never change a running system. True, therefore, we did not change anything in the concept of the event but the location. In the Mövenpick-Hotel Muenster, aimPort users from different cities, the g.on team and a couple of business partners came together for two days (November 28 and 29, 2012), to hear about the latest developments and to exchange experiences about different applications of the geoportal.

Apart from presentations of technical details and background, there were numerous user presentations about the practical use of g.on aimPort, e.g. at Currenta, Bayer Real Estate and the Real Estate Administration of the Archiepiscopal Diocese in Paderborn.

We will have trouble in the years to come to invite you to a better social event than in 2012. The evening took place in a historical museum in Muenster, where we were shown original buildings from the 17th century and heard about how exactly people used to live in them. After this exceptional history lesson, we had earned an excellent dinner, prepared the traditional way of historical Westphalia, along with a couple of drinks.

Our guests liked this different way of spending an evening and so did we.