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MIBRAG: New aimPort User

With MIBRAG (Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlegesellschaft mbH) two out of the three largest operators of open brown coal pits in Germany are now working with the Geoportal aimPort.

After a pilot phase, MIBRAG opted for aimPort. They will use our software for the administration of their real estate, infrastructure and technical assets.

Having finished the system integration, MIBRAG started transferring existing data into the system: Orthophotos, data about the general use and information about polluted areas and waste deposits are migrated into the new system. The same applies for branch-specific processes like the management of mining damages, the documentation of the open pit development or a plot order system.

In the medium term, MIBRAG plans to use aimPort for visualizing excavators (position, orientation and current state of the surface) as well as dump cadastre (sections, filling material).







Processing site Deuben (Press photo MIBRAG, Source: Rainer Weisflog)