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You don’t get everything at g.on, but what you get is good.

Although g.on experience is good at many things, it concentrates on the essential. The essential in the client’s business. Know-how and energy are bundled here; the company only takes on other subjects upon request.

We should concentrate on the things we do best. Only then can we be successful in the long-term. Sure, we’ve all heard that before, and many people will call it the trite yackety-yak of business consultants. Maybe they’re right. But it’s brought g.on success. Because they’ve been concentrating on their core business for many years:

Web portals for operators of large sites

g.on provides them with best-in-class software. The company works together with a partner network , including producers of the best standard products in the field of GIS and databases, which g.on in turn sells as
license products as part of its projects.

The range of services was also oriented to the subject of web-based geoportals. g.on experience services wrap around their products, supplement them in an ideal fashion in order to free you, the client, for your core business.