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10 reasons for having a geoportal

Who actually needs a geoportal? You can find out here.
Take the “Screening Test” and answer the following 10 questions with YES or NO:

  1. Does your organization have a vast infrastructure?
  2. Is the infrastructure very heterogeneous?
  3. Does it need to be documented and administered in extreme detail?
  4. Are there huge amounts of data in the background?
  5. Are there numerous other bits of factual information concealed behind each of the highly diverse elements such as areas, buildings or resources?
  6. And does this information also need to be arranged reliably and be retrievable at any time?
  7. Many of your users are not GIS experts?
  8. Only a handful of your employees are IT freaks while most of your staff dislikes being confronted with complex special software and extensive training?
  9. Do you have to administer different user groups and access rights?
  10. Does your organization rely on industrial standards?

If you answered most of these questions with “Yes, right! you should talk to the experts at g.on experience soon. g.on’s geoportal will doubtlessly simplify your daily work.

Numerous g.on clients, particularly site operators of industrial plants, factory complexes, office parks and commercial estates, real estate management agencies, airports and seaports, etc. are already using the web-based geoportal, g.on aimPort.

You can find out more about g.on aimPort here:

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