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Treat yourself to professional support!

g.on experience provides just the right services to supplement its product range. This enables g.on to take over tasks that prevent you from concentrating on your core business or that can be performed more efficiently, professionally and, as a result, more cost effectively by a specialist.
It is precisely here that g.on’s most valuable asset benefits the client: Experience. This experience is incorporated in all the services performed:

  • Consulting (more…)
       •Requirements specifications and technical specifications
       •GIS introduction and migration
       •Process analysis and optimization
       •Hands-on workshops and training
  • Training (more…)
       •Training for our own products
       •Oracle Education Partner
  • Data management (more…)
       •Data acquisition and asset documentation
       •Data migration
       •Geodata infrastructures
       •Document management
       •Engineering surveying and industrial surveying
  • Software engineering
    You make specific demands on a system and don’t want to adapt your existing IT landscape to the specifications of standard GIS software. Well, you don’t have to, because g.on will develop your own perfect geoinformation system or the ideal web portal to meet your every need.
    g.on also takes on system adaptations, for GeoMedia, MicroStation, GISMobil or other partner products, for example.
  • System administration and operation
    If your company doesn’t have its own IT department, or if the department doesn’t have expertise in geoinformation: g.on can support you with the necessary expertise, in every phase of a project.