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Is efficiency important to you?

Then g.on is the right partner for you!

g.on experience has clear priorities that cannot be questioned. Clients rank first, followed by the service delivered to them. g.on clients donít have to wait. They expect and they get first-class products and equally excellent services. On top of it all, we are really speedy.

High quality and an efficient process Ė no bubble-gum projects

g.on knows its target group and has defined it quite clearly. And you profit as a result: Do you administer the sites of industrial complexes, chemical parks, commercial parks or residential parks, local utilities or even airports and seaports? With g.on web portal solutions and the associated services ranging from data management to training, g.on experience answers your questions and offers solutions to meet your needs.

g.on integrates web portals and geographic information systems in your company’s IT and in any projects that are already in progress. You will barely notice any of this, as the g.on team works in the background until the system is running. Because:

g.on strives to gain you as a client, not just your projects.

g.on’s staff of 25 works in small units. With all the resulting benefits: Time otherwise wasted in hierarchical structures is used meaningfully, thereby benefiting the client. The project teams consist of qualified experts, each of whom is vested with direct responsibility, to the effect that they have a decisive share in the final result.

Everyone does their best: That is doping for quality and performance.

We don’t need to reinvent existing solutions that have been proven thousands of times. That’s why g.on works together with well-known partners – the best in their class – in many different fields, like business software and databases.

g.on goes for quality and the investment security of its clients.

g.on experience gmbh – Profile

•Your multi-sector provider of solutions and services: Focus on geo-information technology
•Primary target group: The chemical sector, utility sector, logistics, administration
•Specialization: Web portals for site operators
•In existence since: 2002
•Sites: Münster, Greven, Dormagen
•25 employees: Engineers, IT experts, geo-information specialists and geographers
•Special characteristics: Tremendously fast, scrupulously accurate and shockingly reliable