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The modular principle

With its g.on aimPort, g.on furnishes you with the application logic and technology required to set up and operate a web-based geoportal. The aim was not to reinvent the wheel; it was just made a little rounder: g.on aimPort relies on standards. It is based on Oracle databases and oriented to OGC specifications, as well as the look&feel of Google Maps.

Architecture, user interface and functions

You have two possibilities in the system architecture: You can operate g.on aimPort on an application server together with the Oracle application server or on two separate application servers.

The ASP.NET application on the server accesses the Oracle application server by means of the Map Viewer Container. All data is read directly from the Oracle database, so that, for example, the GIS functions and analyses contained there are available directly in the geoportal.

g.on aimPort is purely a web application. The client only needs Internet access, and there is no need to install additional software, especially no demanding GIS. This keeps the license costs low and makes for cost-efficient operation.

Likewise, g.on aimPort’s graphical user interface (GUI) comes with the Oracle Maps interface in the map view. That is important for operability, as Oracle Maps is based on the Google Maps interface, which has already found its way into all kinds of consumer areas.

Users navigate by using the GUI with its simple and intuitive operation. This opens up numerous navigation paths through data, delivers targeted information that takes account of individual access rights and, last but not least, of functions that are suited to actual practice, such as

•View control (zoom/pan)
•Measuring of routes or surfaces
•Diverse overview windows
•Configurable subject trees and legends
•Tool tip
•Diverse attribute displays
•Comprehensive query and analysis functions, both for spatial data and for factual information

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