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Designed for flexible use

g.on aimPort has a modular design. This ensures that users can adapt their geoportal to meet their needs perfectly. g.on aimPort and its modules are easy to configure, thanks to the use of the popular programming language, XML. As a client, you can even carry out your individual adaptations yourself if you wish.

The g.on aimPort modules are contained in the basic version to a large extent, although there are also optional supplements and supporting tools.

The basis

g.on aimPort-GIS
The GIS module has all of the common GIS functions and analysis functions. It has a user-friendly graphical interface based on Google Maps that is supplemented by the query, navigation, legends and help functions. The icons can be configured freely, for example, for diverse zoom and pan functions or printing. All of the areas are controlled via the configuration and can be implemented in the GUI by an XML file without programming.

g.on aimPort-Alpha
The alphadata module contains a number of configurable forms and websites for searching, analyzing and navigating by alphanumeric object properties.

g.on aimPort-Themes
This program administers the thematic areas on the web portal and lists the applications and fields of information that are activated for the respective user on the homepage.

g.on aimPort-Admin
The Admin module handles the administration of rights, groups, roles, subjects and user assignment within the portal. This is particularly important for organizations with many different administrative units such as commercial parks or industrial sites with heterogeneous company structures.

Supplementary modules and tools

g.on aimPort-DMS
This module assumes the function of a document management system. It links objects from the database with documents from the file system of the portal operator or the organizations involved. For example, a building that is being sub-leased with the lease agreement of the corresponding company.

g.on_OMS_Admin is an administrative tool for automatic control of the Oracle Mapviewer, which runs in the background without intervention by the user.

g.on aimPort_DataPipe (New!)
g.on aimPort_DataPipe makes work even more easy by facilitating the navigation within the geoportal. Now, g.on aimPort users always have at hand the right data at the right place.

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