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Added value by professional consulting

Consulting from the outside is more than know-how purchased from third parties: The resulting bigger picture is almost as important.
Objectivity along with a large measure of neutrality from the basis of successful consulting. You get all of this from g.on. That’s because g.on prefers to work together with its clients long-term to deliver perfect results.
Above all, consulting is a matter of trust.

Requirements specifications and technical specifications

First comes the solicitation for bids, then the project. g.on makes sure you really get what you want by supporting you in preparing requirements specifications and setting up technical specifications, and likewise in assessing the incoming functional specifications. Of course, with no manufacturer bias.

GIS introduction and migration

g.on doesn’t forsake you when all of the decisions have been made. They help you introduce your new geo information system and stay around until it’s working smoothly. The same applies for your system migration and/or data migration.
g.on doesn’t shy away from tough conditions here either: The Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS) in the planned capital of Nigeria is just one example. Abuja replaced the city of Lagos on the coast in the early nineties and was virtually dug up out of the savannah in the country’s interior. The GIS was one of the cornerstones in planning and building the city.

Process analysis and optimization

Even when the system is in production, it takes a while for it to run smoothly and for the processes to be tuned to one another so that the results meet expectations. The g.on team has taken this path in numerous projects and encountered virtually every conceivable problem. Count on them. You will be impressed with the results!

Hands-on workshops and courses

A new system goes along with retraining. Even if operation becomes easier for the user in the end: Changes in operation must be mastered, and processes have to be reestablished. This is accomplished most efficiently through in-company workshops and courses. g.on performs on-the-job training with you: By the time the g.on experts leave your office, every employee will know exactly what to do.