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For every phase of your project

You can’t have a high-performance GIS or geoportal without high-quality geodata. Here, too, g.on experience supports you in every phase, all the way from surveying services and mobile data acquisition to document management.

Geodata collection

Data collection is one of the most elaborate tasks. g.on can handle this for you, by capturing the supply networks of different sectors, for example. g.on’s employees have all of the necessary know-how and technical equipment, which, of course, also includes mobile data collection. g.on can work together with you in drawing up guidelines and checklists for the collection process to guarantee constant maximum quality.

Data migration and data processing

When a system has to be replaced, the subsequent migration of data forms the most challenging phase. g.on helps you master this challenge by taking over the entire migration process for your invaluable database, which often contains decades of work and know-how. In this process, g.on makes use of high-performance standard products like FME and profits from a solid knowledge base and expertise in systems and databases among its staff, particularly in the fields of AutoCAD, MicroStation, LIDS, Intergraph G-Net, InterNETZ, GeoMedia, ArcGIS, GEOgraf and ProDV IRIS among others.

Document management

In web-based geoportals (like g.on aimPort) and other fields, both the spatial information in the form of plans and maps as well as the business data forming the basis are important in the internal workflow.
g.on offers a simple document management system based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology for this purpose: This includes services ranging from the scanning of documents, files and blueprints (from A0 to A6) to attribute recording and development of a professional and clear structure for digital information.

Industrial surveying

Due to its client base, g.on experience specializes primarily in chemistry parks, industrial parks and pipelines or sewage plants within this field.

Resource and asset documentation

g.on documents your existing or planned assets, for later use in a geoportal, for example. This includes supply networks (gas, water, sewage, power, district heating), your operations building with all of the details, as well as roads, paths, bridges, canals and so much more. The g.on staff has expertise in selected sectors of industry such as sewage plants or the chemical sector.