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Training and workshops

Of what use are the best products if they aren’t used efficiently?

That is why g.on experience offers its customers training for all g.on products. The duration depends on the individual employee’s level of expertise. Training courses are also held in the company’s own classrooms in Münster, in classrooms that are rented locally or at the client’s premises. All of the courses are offered as either standard courses or individual courses.

Our program

  • g.on aimPort configuration
  • FME data migration and quality improvement
  • Raster data management with Oracle DB

g.on experience is more than a reseller for Oracle products: It also offers Oracle training.

Here, g.on concentrates on its clients’ core business and on the subjects of Oracle Spatial and Oracle MapViewer. The three-day Oracle Spatial course was created jointly with the organizer, Oracle University, while taking into account both the participants’ limited and valuable time and the fundamental contents for a successful first encounter with the technology and subject matter of Oracle Spatial: Participants learn all the essentials in a maximum of three days!
The courses are held in the Oracle Training Centers Düsseldorf and Munich.

Course contents:

  • Introduction to Oracle Spatial
  • Oracle Spatial design
  • Creating space-related layers
  • Defining and creating geometries
  • Coordinate systems
  • Loading spatial data
  • Indexing spatial data
  • Query and analysis of spatial data
  • Validating and debugging objects
  • The MapViewer Oracle application
  • Linear Referencing System (LRS)
  • Further tasks in spatial indexing

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