Our Network of Partners




g.on has been an Oracle Partner since October of 2008, and even an Oracle Gold Partner since early 2010. This bears witness to the technical and strategic orientation of the company’s product and service portfolio. g.on develops and produces web-based geoportals as well as comprehensive GIS applications using Oracle Spatial and other Oracle standard technologies as a basis.

Oracle Education Reseller

As a reseller for Oracle training courses, g.on concentrates on the topics of Oracle Spatial and Oracle MapViewer from the broad Oracle portfolio. We offer corresponding Oracle training in these areas as standard or individual training courses.

Certified Microsoft Partner

g.on experience has been a Certified Microsoft Partner since April 1, 2004, enabling us to provide our customers with professional GIS and IT services from one source. The more geoinformation systems are integrated into a company's IT landscape, the more crucial expertise in handling operating systems, databases and server applications becomes. This highlights g.on’s technical orientation and expertise in modern software solutions based on .NET, XML and Web Services. The certificate signifies security and investment protection for our customers’ solutions.


g.on experience is subdistributor of GEOSYSTEMS in Germany for the Hexagon Geospatial product family GeoMedia.

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BKR Ingenieurbüro GmbH

g.on cooperates with this well established engineering bureau to meet our customers’ needs in the fields of engineering and construction surveying, 3D laser scanning and CAD documentation.

ICZ - Informationstechnik Consulting Zeidler

ICZ provides information technology consultancy and is our sales partner for g.on aimPort. As a former g.on employee, company owner Christian Zeidler has ample experience in this field and has been advising customers in the context of g.on aimPort projects as well as on the subject of “integration of geoinformation in business processes” since 2009.


Membership and associations

Geonetzwerk Münsterland

Network for regional collaboration in the Muensterland region.

The German Oracle User Group (DOAG)

The network of the Oracle Community.

Interest Group of Regional Airfields (IDRF)

The community of interests of the regional airfields e.V. (IDRF e.V.) is an association of currently more than 70 regional commercial airports and airfields. As a community of interests for decentralized aviation, the IDRF represents the common interests of its members and is committed to the optimal use of existing facilities and capacities as well as the need-based maintenance and expansion of a comprehensive air traffic infrastructure in Germany. g.on supports a large number of airports in providing ADQ-compliant data.


BLOM Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading companies in the fields of photogrammetry, CAD and GIS processing and surveying.