Data provision and management at industrial sites

The first aimPort users were industrial complexes such as those found in the automotive industry or chemical industry or in mining regions for raw materials and fossil energy carriers.

Sustainable documentation and management of all geospatial data comprise important tools for the operators of these industrial complexes. This clientele is demanding with stringent requirements in terms of security and the continuity of products, making them very appreciative of our extensive long-term experience in their line of business.

Aside from the standard modules, aimPort offers numerous time-saving special solutions for:

  • Construction sites
  • Real estate and business management
  • Site database and site management
  • Building and premise management
  • Supply and disposal networks
  • Emission source database
  • Road condition assessment
  • Plant security (cameras, alarm systems, gates)
  • Plant routing
  • Tree database
  • Fire protection
  • Fire hydrant database
  • Risk assessment and analysis, incident management
  • Construction information display, digging permits
  • Incident management card for the plant fire brigade
  • Pest database