Transport and Logistics


Data proivsion and management in passenger and freight transport

The aviation industry has been growing for many years with the numbers of passengers and routes increasing in parallel. We support this group of users in dealing with new challenges by providing them with customized products and services. Successfully, mind you:

Our customers include most of Germany’s major airports and more than 30 regional airports and heliports.

Many years of experience have taught us which specific special solutions make a difference in facilitating the management of airport buildings and infrastructures for our customers. Many of the solutions we have developed for our customers use the web-based geoportal, aimPort:

  • Room book
  • Cleaning plan for buildings and premises both indoors and outdoors
  • General information about CAFM
  • Flexible real estate management (e.g. tenant and contract management)
  • Documentation of fire protection and building construction
  • Documentation of locking systems
  • Documentation of IT equipment (server and hardware location)
  • Green space management
  • Cadastral maps for pest control
  • Public easement information
  • Permit database (construction)
  • Special requirements for ADQ compliant data more
  • Land and air infrastructure systems

Our special module for tour optimization is also used successfully in logistics companies. It is ideally suited for both mail and luggage distribution.