aimPort MapIntegrator

Our customers can also make their geoinformation available in a very slim form directly in other applications, or for the applications, by using the MapIntegrator. We make our customers’ wishes come true.

Integration of maps and graphics into an application online - both convenient and time efficient. With the MapIntegrator, aimPort users can do this now, even if the application has no mapping components.

The aimPort MapIntegrator supplies a JavaScript plug-in for creating a map container including the associated API. It can be integrated analogously to other plug-ins (e.g. JQuery) into the user’s own apps and web applications.

Functions of the API:

  • Topic and content control
  • Map click event
  • Interface to the map section, zoom level, etc. control
  • Object highlighting
  • Placement of a marker (including a GPS signal) in the map
  • Data query and result visualization
  • Utilization of existing aimPort topics and configurations