Flexible Structure with Modules

The modular structure lets every aimPort user adapt the system precisely to their needs. Customers can even carry out these individual adjustments themselves on request. That is made possible by the fact that aimPort and its modules are easy to configure, among others, by using the commonly used programming language, XML.

aimPort Basis

The aimPort Geoportal Basis software license comprises the GIS, Alpha, Themes, AUTH and Admin modules (see above) and already covers most of the functions. In addition, the Basic license includes cost-free licenses for a development environment, as well as for a consolidation and testing environment. A server cluster can also be set up with this license at no extra charge.

The aimPort GIS - working with maps
The GIS module contains all the common GIS and analysis functions. It has a user-friendly graphic interface that is oriented to Google Maps, supplemented with areas for functions, queries, navigation, legends and help, along with freely configurable icons. All of the areas are controlled via the configuration and can be implemented in the GUI by an XML file without programming.

aimPort Alpha - integration of factual data
Configurable forms and websites for searching, analyzing and navigating by means of alphanumeric object properties.

aimPort Topics - provision of an overview
Administers the topic areas present in the web portal and lists the applications and areas of information enabled for the respective user.

aimPort Admin - rights administration
The Admin module takes care of the administration of rights, groups, roles, topics and user assignment within the portal. This is particularly important for organizations with many different administrative units such as commercial parks or industrial parks with heterogeneous company structures.

aimPort AUTH - access administration
Implements the access authorization procedure and manages data access.


Supplementary aimPort modules and tools

There are numerous supplementary modules and supporting tools available in addition to the aimPort Basic license that offer additional application options and facilitate daily work.

aimPort DMS - document management
Performs the function of a document management system. It links objects from the database with documents from the file system of the portal operator or the organizations involved. For example, a building that is being sub-leased with the lease agreement of the corresponding company. The configuration determines whether the files will be stored in the database or the file system.

aimPort ElasticSearch - object search
By using full-text search, the Oracle database as well as any other data source, can be searched. Even an external geocoder (e.g. Google) can be included for terms and locations not contained in your own pool of data.

aimPort CAFMView - orientation in buildings
When floors or parts of buildings are selected, the module adjusts the view (rotation) and accesses the CAFM data.

aimPort Capture - capture of objects
The user is able to capture objects (geometry and factual data) in a manner structured according to the Oracle Object model. There are many useful functions (snapping, editing of geometries, etc.) available.

aimPort Resultlist - simultaneous processing
A function with significant time savings permitting the factual data of multiple selected objects of the same object class to be simultaneously captured, edited or deleted.

aimPort UniqueStyles - display adjustment
The module permits adjustment of the display, such as colors or line thicknesses.

aimPort LiveStream - keeping up to date
A module for displaying current changes to data. The user is actively informed about changes to data by other users. The data is updated automatically.

aimPort Route - quick routing
A routing function based on the Oracle Spatial database. As a standard feature, different conditions can be configured, for example for different vehicle types or owners, and current construction sites can be taken into consideration. The module can be expanded flexibly and can also be supplemented to meet very specific requirements of individual sites.

aimPort Mobile - work on the go
The module for mobile use provides a graphic user interface (GUI) optimized for mobile terminal devices and corresponding functionality. This is also purely a web application and does not require any plug-in or app installation.

aimPort Trace - ensuring that data is up to date
This automates and secures the processes for the provision of data. Parameterization is used to determine the folder structures that will be searched for new data. The source data to be transferred is fed in as part of the data provision process for the geoportal upon analysis of the corresponding time stamps. This makes it possible to set up individual data up-dates.