10 Reasons for using Geo Asset Management Software


Who needs it?

aimPort is a geo asset management system. For many companies, it is absolutely vital. Find out whether you are one of them and how aimPort can improve your operations. The "eligibility test" will only take a minute.

Simply answer 10 questions with YES or NO

  1. Does your organization have an extensive infrastructure?
  2. Is the infrastructure very heterogeneous and/or does it comprise different types of assets?
  3. Does it have to be documented and managed in detail?
  4. Are there large volumes of data?
  5. Are the spatial elements linked to additional factual information?
  6. Would it be helpful to link other specialist systems with the spatial data?
  7. Are many of your users not experts in GIS/CAD/CAFM?
  8. Do your employees dislike being confronted with complex special software and training?
  9. Do different user groups and access rights have to be managed?
  10. Do you prefer to rely on industrial standards?

If your answer to most of these questions was “YES”, then your situation is the same as that of many users in our primary markets. Site operators of industrial facilities and business parks, office complexes and commercial complexes, as well as most German airports, are confronted with these challenges on a daily basis.

With aimPort, your day-to-day operations will certainly be simpler. Get in touch with us!