The Architecture, Interface and Functions of aimPort

aimPort provides you with the application logic and technology you need to develop and operate a web-based geoportal. We did not achieve this by reinventing the wheel, but instead only made the wheel rounder. g.on aimPort relies on current standards. It is based on Oracle databases and oriented to OGC provisions, as well as the familiar look and feel of Google Maps.


You can operate aimPort together with the Oracle Application Server on one application server or on two separate application servers. Your IT environment decides which option is best for your company.
The ASP.NET application on the server accesses the Oracle Application Server by means of the Map Viewer container. As all the data is retrieved directly from the database, GIS functions and analyses contained in the database are available directly in the geoportal.

GIS without GIS

aimPort is a pure web application, the client server only requiring Internet access. You do not need to install any additional software, and definitely no costly GIS. This keeps the license costs low and makes for cost-efficient operation.

User Interface

aimPort’s graphic user interface (GUI) has also been provided with an Oracle Maps interface in map view, so that it is oriented to the interface used in Google maps. In the meantime, this has become common in various consumer products, so they can be operated comfortably by any layman. That way, the user is able to achieve successful results immediately and enjoy what they're doing. Learning by working leads to quick results.


The user operates the system using the simple GUI with intuitive operation. It opens up numerous navigation paths, delivers targeted information taking into account individual access rights and, last but not least, offers basic practical functions, such as

  • View control (zoom/pan)
  • Measurement of distances or surfaces
  • Redlining
  • Diverse overview windows
  • Configurable topics tree and legend
  • Tooltip with descriptive elements
  • Diverse attribute displays
  • Comprehensive inquiry and analysis functions for geodata and factual data