Individual Developments


Customized addition to the standard software

The success of our software clearly shows: A consistent orientation to industrial standards always has been and still is the right way to go. That, however, does not mean we shouldn’t also develop supplementary individual software.

 While the adaptation of a standard product is advisable for some company-specific requirements for internal processes in certain cases, the development of individual software benefits the company more in other cases. We provide our customers with competent support in making these decisions, and then carry out their requests.

No matter how important individuality is, this kind of product should not exceed a reasonable amount of care and migration. Our goal is to achieve low costs and economic sustainability.

Ideally, multiple customers have similar individual requirements. We try to moderate the requests and reach consensus on a common solution. That, of course, minimizes the development costs for the individual. This approach often leads to a kind of “standard preliminary stage”, and can even lead to a standard product in the process of further development.

Agile methods in development? At g.on, they have been in use for many years already and are considered common practice.