All in One Package


From data acquisition to process optimization

Geo asset management software is our core competency. In this field, we deliver the perfect customer satisfaction service:

The customer gives us their “wish list”, we do the planning jointly, and after that we take on all the tasks they don’t have the resources or competencies for. This way, the customer retains control of the project, while we handle the operational aspects. In the end, we all share in the success.

We provide most of the services ourselves and collaborate with selected competent partners in the other areas. These include data acquisition (surveying, photogrammetry, scanning, digitization of geo objects and factual data), along with issues relating to certification and quality management.

Relying on our own highly qualified team and this network, we can provide our customers with individual all-in-one packages to meet their specific needs. This enables us to guarantee optimum specialist competence and strict adherence to timetables throughout the project.